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Gloriette Hyperlapse

I am starting to like this moving timelase thing… it´s quite easy to achieve. move. click. move. click. and so on.

The more difficult thing is to adjust the warp stabilizer in After Effects, so the image doesn´t warp too much. You still can see some artefacts if you lool for them.

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schloss traun Hyperlapse

I was very inspired by this video and i asked myself, how they did the timelapses where they moved towards a building or passed a building, while timelapsing it.

So i tried it myself. I moved towards the builiding, taking a photo each step, focussing always the same window. The resulting jpg sequence is very shaky, but stabilizing did a good job.

In the video, theres always the raw footage first and then the stabilized version.

I realize the quality is quite poor, but it´s only supposed to be a render test :)


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Yesterday i came up with some chords, today i recorded it and played around in Logic. It´s not perfect yet, but a nice little soundscribble. After recording the guitar, i sliced the single chords and converted them to a sampler instrument. That was the ‘technical’ part. The rest was just fun.

Well, after some time and some feedback, i realized that the first version of the song was kinda boring in the end. So i added another guitar and another instrument i created in logic´s sculpture synth (which is a pretty nice synth, by the way).

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baumi und die vitaminstatisten

In Dezember 2011 i figured out lighting a mandarine looks cool. A couple of weeks ago i took a shot at it with some friends. It was more fooling around than really trying to achieve anything.


Some days ago i tried it again, but again without any real concept to it. But we got a lot of nice pictures from it, and after playing around in photoshop i realized that there could be some animation done to these lighted mandarines.


The thing is this: If you have two layers of ligthened mandarines on top of each other in photoshop (or after effects) and set the blending mode to “lighten”, both of your mandarines show up.


Since i was ill the last two days, i found the time to compose some music and start animating. The result is this: (but please watch it in hd on vimeo here)

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Along with the massive footbag project TWINE there came up some other things to do, than only filming and creating the sound. One of them was the redesign of the austrian footbag webpage


Together with my colleagues max bauer and alex brugger i created a new design and put it together in about an hour of work.

you can see the result here (or click on the image obove)









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new Trailers

Here are two new trailers/teasers for our documentary ‘The Whirl Is Not Enough’. We spent a couple of days in Linz, one day in Vienna and one day in Prague, to meet other Footbaggers, including the World Champion Honza Weber. We had a great time shooting, as you may see in the trailers :)

I made the sound for the trailers and some of the video shots.

any feedback is welcome!

and there are lots of more teasers to come!





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The Whirl is not enough (trailer)

Dear blog,

I´m sorry i didnt talk to you for this long. i was… you know… busy. There´s a lot to do you know.

But i didn´t forget you. Hey! Don´t be upset. Here´s the thing: I just give you an update.

I bought a 5D MkII with a 24-70mm 2.8 Lens and I think… erm… how can I put this… I think I love it. No, No, It´s not what you think, don´t cry! I´m not breaking up with you. There´s enough space for both of you in my life. In fact, the two of you could benefit from each other´s existence. I take pictures, shoot timelapses and make videos with the cam and, if I am satisfied with the results, I´ll post the videos to you.



So here´s the first thing. The trailer for our footbag documentary. What I did was the interviews and the sound. It was quite a challenge to look for the right places to shoot, capture the video, manage the sound and be the interviewer, all at the same time.

I made the Soundtrack in Logic Studio Pro (where I create all my sounds). I recorded some Samples in my small recording Studio, which i put then on my Korg PadKontrol. That´s for the drums. The other Instruments were recorded with the M-Audio Oxygen 49 Master Keyboard.

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GG Resort Soundtrack

This is a beautiful video about snowboarding in east tyrol made by Alex Brugger. I made the sound for this short, crisp clip. I started with recording the guitar, then added the organ, bass and drums. I topped it off with a sidechained string section.

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Ashram – Old Monk (official video)

The video for the austian-indian rockband Ashram is online!

It took us a couple of weeks for the preparation, 2 days of intense filming and 2 days for editing and colorgrading.

Thanks to everyone who helped out or lent us equipment!

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Hiking in the Retezat Mountains

This summer we (Siebenbürger Jugend Traun) went to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania for hiking. Of course the gopro went with us. We spent seven days in the mountains, sleeping in the tents we brought and eating the food we took with us in our backpacks. It was quite an adventure, exhausting sometimes, but an excellent time we spent in these beautiful mountains.

The song is by Grandaddy – Nature Anthem




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